First XYM payment report

18th Apr. 2021, finally did it. I could have my first XYM payment at Kann-nai Sakura Festa. There’s a shop “Natural Rose Queen alcohol”, that sells Rose fragrance alcohol disinfectant, accepting XYM/XEM payment at that Festival.

Kann-nai is an area in Yokohama City Kanagawa prefecture Japan. It takes about 40mins from central Tokyo by trains. Historically, Yokohama city is one of the famous port towns. Opened as an oversea trading port in 1859 after over 200 years of national isolation period.

This Festival was organized by Yokohama city Kann-nai area merchandiser Promotion Association and supported by Yokohama city local government bureau of urban development. So, it’s a kind of official event.

This festival was a one day street market, show cases. Among several booth, only this store accepted XYM/XEM crypto payment.

This is a Rose fragrance alcohol disinfectant paid by XYM!

Why is it Rose fragrance?


The company “Natural Rose Queen alcohol” is from Yokohama-City, and Yokohama City’s symbol flower is rose. President of this company decided to make their product related to rose.
横浜市の「ナチュラルローズクイーン アルコール」の代表者の方は、横浜市の市花である薔薇にちなんだ商品を作ろうと考えたそうです。

Shop booth had a board sign designed by Symbol logo and Sakura(Cherry blossom).

How has XYM/XEM payment been attempted?


Both Mr. Yasuda who sells rose fragrance alcohol disinfectant by XYM/XEM payment at this event and Mr. @nembear, a director of NEMTUS(Community based Japanese Non-profitable organization that promote, support NEM blockchain) were wondering whether to do something interesting at this event, then one idea “using blockchain” came up with their mind. They thought it must be fun. Soon they started this blockchain project together. But it’s just before a week of this event!

To have XYM payment, just capture the QR address by mobile Symbol wallet. Then send 25XYM. Transaction completed soon.

I tried not only XYM payment, but also XEM!

Settlement staff is a 11years old elementary school student and a 19years girl. They told me how to use my mobile wallet for this payment.

These Settlement staff just learned how to use it this morning.

A member of the House of Representatives(Member of Parliament)was listening attentively, what is Crypto payment, what is blockchain, and what is XYM/XEM.

At this event, I met with a lot of NEMbers who wanted to try XYM/XEM payment.

Here, NEMbers dressed up with NEM gear…

・NEM cap

・NEM T-shirt

・Symbol mask

・NEM key holder

Special stickers for customers who bought.

Unfortunately, this store was not a permanent one, an attempt only for this festival. But these facts, preparing XYM/XEM payment shop in just one week, settlement staff were not proper sales persons and just learned how to use it this morning. These facts show how easy to compose XYM/XEM payment.

Taking about XYM/XEM payment, does it take less time to deploy, payment is fairly safe, instant transfer, and can pay between distances. Transactions are recorded in blockchain and never be altered. Having transparency, and these records are kept in a decentralized blockchain eternally. These are some of many advantages of NEM, defnitly the powering possibility of NEM.

Generally speaking, blockchain technologies are complicated and people see it's difficult. Because it’s completely new even now.

But the other hand, I believe blockchain will be our platform one day, would be in near future, like internet went to be our indispensable platform for our daily life.

To be used blockchain technology, must have good usability. And good usability is required whatever we use. The Blockchain which has good usability is the best. That is “NEM”. NEM has both Symbol block chain of XYM and NIS blockchain of XEM.

Personally, the most notable thing about this event is, what happened this day is, flowing spontaneously from the community. They’re not tech geniuses, they’re just ordinary people with a bit of an interest in blockchain. I am amazed at this point!

Is such an event took place here curious coincidence ? 125years ago, Yokohama had a drastic turning point. It broke over 200 years of national isolation period, and became the foundation for the opening of the country.

Don’t you think this would be an opening port again for XYM/XEM payment to the world ever from Yokohama Japan? Yokohama had started as an oversea trading port, then brung Japan to the world. This time, starting of XYM/XEM payment from Yokohama. It’s so exciting and epoch-making.

I would like to say big thanks both to Mr. Yasuda who decided to have XYM/XEM payment at this event and Mr. @nembear who supported it. Especially Mr. @nembear has been helping XYM/XEM payments deploying in all around Japan since4 years ago.



Japanese Writer / Content Translator. Interested in Blockchain and NEM/Symbol. Japanese, English, and French.

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